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On a more personal basis, he seems to really like their hair:

"Sabine had great hair. Sabine was the major love in my life."

"I sat briefly in the same subway car as a beautiful woman with long, tightly wavy Sonja Braga hair. Pounds and pounds of this beautiful, shining, glistening hair...I was paying particular attention in Paris and did not notice too many of the "stylish" young women wearing bangs...Being a longtime no-bangs advocate, I had heard that recent trends in Europe were toward bangs, and indeed this is the case in Italy, where bangs have been more prevalent anyway. But in Paris, I was safe. There were very few women at all wearing bangs."

Also, while Siegel has encouraged women to submit material on a volunteer basis to his site, his attitude toward actually paying them for their work is less clear. Of the four or five employees of his that he cites by name, none are women.

Such contradictions, however, should be left to the quibblers of the world. Celebrities don't have time for details; they're too busy doing dynamic, consequential things. If you want to accomplish anything worthwhile in life, you're going to step on some toes. You're going to contradict yourself on occasion, and make yourself look like a blowhard.

It's the price of fame. So be prepared to accept it.

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