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Indeed, there's something almost Tesh-like about Siegel at times. Is he for real? you wonder. Is it an act, or is he truly that odd? You start getting the feeling he could crack at any moment. But, as with Tesh, this works in Siegel's favor.

It makes him Someone To Watch.

8. Have a cause.
Or several. It's a way to give back to the world that has given you so much. It's a way to demonstrate your leadership and vision and compassion. Now, a lot of new celebrities make the mistake of picking a disease to champion. Diseases, however, are limited in scope; they only affect the people who get them (and the friends and families of these people, but still, in the big picture, it's a limited audience). You want to pick something that matches your own broad horizons. Something that affects everyone. As Siegel so aptly puts it, when describing his relative indifference to the AIDS epidemic: "It's just my nature to care more about humanity than individual men or women."

So, Siegel doesn't mess with petty viral catastrophes. His cause is much bigger than that; he is out to save the planet. His means for doing so include:

1. Population control

2. Veganism

3. Anti-materialism

It is an ambitious, inspiring, all-encompassing vision. As an aspiring celebrity, you should study its tenets closely and attempt to incorporate all of those that comfortably fit within your particular lifestyle. And maybe even a few that don't. With a vision as broad and ambitious as that, you're bound to embody some contradictions.

Take Siegel, for example. Believing that the key to population control is the political empowerment of women, he declares himself a feminist (albeit a rather gynocentric one). He is devoting one of his pages to women's issues (at last check it was still under construction); he takes pride in the fact that many of the people who visit his site are women; he is curious to learn more about Sweden, because he has heard that women comprise half the government there. On a global basis, he believes it is women who will ultimately save the planet.

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