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9. Sell. Sell. Sell.
When you become a celebrity, you become a brand. And brands exist for one purpose only: to be sold. This is no time to be subtle; you have to make your ambition explicit. While you must always take care to appear busy, you must also constantly promote your availability and have merchandise ready to go. Sell your services, sell products, sell yourself, sell skills you don't even have yet. Once again, Siegel ably demonstrates these principles:

"If you have any friends who want a site for $20,000 or more, please have them call me..."

"Jeez! I spent $450 on t-shirts, because people said they wanted them, and in the two weeks they've been for sale, I've only sold two!"

"I'm concerned about the lack of growth in my readership here...I'm interested in leverage, and I won't have it if the choir is missing...It's what leads to ads, and ads are something we want on our site, but not on anyone else's."

"Not everyone is born a TV personality. I'm willing to learn. I spent half an hour with Richard Hart...I learned a lot from him...I'd love to give it a shot and spend a bit of time testing for them. Don't you think I could learn?"

So there they are: the nine basic rules of automythology. Start putting them into effect, and you should be famous in no time. Who knows? If you employ them skillfully enough, you might even get to lunch with the Master Himself...

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