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Indeed, imagine such a day: you might see Tesh on Entertainment Tonight (an increasingly unlikely proposition), you might see him on an E.T. promo, you might even see him on one of those department store commercials he does from time to time. If you're really lucky, you'll catch the Murphy Brown and Star Trek: Next Generation reruns in which His Bland Eminence appeared. His infomercial no longer seems to be airing, but true Tesh fans have it on tape, so we'll add it to the list--that's six sightings so far.

To this total, add four random newspaper or magazine sightings. Tesh appears in print frequently: in TV section ads for E.T., pitching products for various advertisers, and as the subject of numerous interviews and articles. The Web is another reliable source for sightings: Open Text or Alta Vista are always good for a new Tesh page or two. In addition, there’s your Tesh multimedia archive to browse: the interactive Backstage with Tesh CD-ROM, the Live at Red Rocks videotape, the music CDs: Sax on the Beach, Winter Song, Garden City, Ironman...Exactly how many of these there are in existence I'm not quite sure--definitely over 10, possibly as many as 20 if you include the storied first mail-order cassettes and the alleged bootlegs. For the purposes of this experiment, I'll say there are 15; that brings the total number of sightings to 29...

Which means, of course, that on any random day, without even trying, you will see the Bud logo more often than you will see Tesh, even when you're deliberately seeking him out.