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June 20, 2011


08/10: "Sup sexy?" Congressman Anthony Weiner (D - NY) has a Facebook conversation with progressive gym teacher Traci Nobles. (Source: Las Vegas Sun)


08/13/10: "Is it actually you?" progressive blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss asks Weiner, initiating a Facebook correspondence with the newly married congressman. (Source: Radar Online)


08/14/10: The Twitter account for the entity known as Starchild111 dates to at least 08/14/10. At this point, the name associated with the account is “Jenay.” Eventually it will change to ostensible high school student "Nikki Reid." (Source: Screen-cap.)

Notes: Starchild111's first follow is the UCLA Extension Writers Program, which tweets stuff like "Tip of the day: 'Writing teen dialogue can be tricky business...'" She's also following Oprah, several members of the Kardashian clan, an inspirational website called, Jennifer Lopez, a Jennifer Lopez fan site, and an actress/model, Natalie Martinez, who serves as the spokesmodel for Lopez' JLo clothing line.

This cache shows seven tweets. Four are directed at Natalie Martinez (whose former Twitter handle was @Goldnd12), and two go to the Lopez fansite. These tweets are characterized by a combination of flattery ("am a fan!" "you are very talented." "u are also so glamorous!") and some kind of request for more information. ("do u have a facebook page?" "could you message me?")

While Starchild111 claims to be a "huge fan" of Martinez', she simultaneously asks Martinez if she has a Facebook page or a Web page. Presumably, this is information a "huge fan" would already know.

Finally, there's Starchild111's tweet to the Kardashian sisters, wherein she asks them about a makeup organizer they use on the show. Web searches show that this makeup organizer is a highly sought-after product that has inspired numerous knockoffs.

Given that Starchild111 consistently asks questions that she could have easily answered herself with a quick Google search, one can't help but wonder: In her initial incarnation, is Starchild111 some kind of SEO-oriented spambot created to generate Google-food?


09/16/10: Politico posts a video clip of Weiner discoursing on his role in the drafting the healthcare bill. Weiner says, " "I wrote the bill. ... The bill and I are one."

In the comments section, a commenter who identifies himself as "Dan" writes, "Vote for his opponent a real citizen candidate!!!" (Source:

Notes: At Qritiq's blog, the commenter Ramen points out that this Weiner quote is a favorite of PatriotUSA76's, aka "Dan Wolfe." He cites it in multiple instances over the course of several months. (Source: Ramen comment at Qritiq's blog)


01/06/11: "Dan Wolfe" creates PatriotUSA76 Twitter account. As a user name "Joe" first documented at, PatriotUSA76 begins tweeting at 8:43PM on 01/06 and sends his first tweet to Goatsred just 21 minutes later, at 9:06PM Eastern. This first tweet reads, "@goatsred did you see him pimping his wife on his tweet on how beautiful she is. she is as blessed in looks as he is – both gross looking." It is referencing this retweet that Weiner posted a day earlier.

Before tweeting Goatsred, PatriotUSA76 tweeted five other Twitter users, all of whom had posted derogatory comments about Weiner. That is, Patriot's tweets are responses to statements made by the other tweeters.

In several of these instances, PatriotUSA76 parrots back language or ideas the original tweeter has used. For example, when a user named Smakdaddy422 tweets, "Whinin' Anthony Weiner, I hope you're wearing your big boy pants....", PatriotUSA76 replies, "So sick of this whiny ass...."

Out of the initial sixteen tweets of PatriotUSA76 that "Joe" catalogs, all are personal attacks on Weiner rather than policy critiques, etc. PatriotUSA76 calls Weiner "whiny" and "arrogant," describes Weiner's wife Huma as "ugly" and "gross-looking," and claims that Weiner is in the closet. He also keeps mentioning that he hopes that Weiner and his wife do not reproduce.

(Source: comments section #2813, comments section #2953)


01/07/11: PatriotUSA76 changes his avatar from the Twitter egg to a portrait of Ronald Reagan. At 2:19 PM Eastern, PatriotUSA76 tweets, "@Goatsred Thanks for the #FF man!" At 10:34 PM Eastern, PatriotUSA76 tweets, "@Goatsred yeah I thought I'd see what all the talk is about! thanks for the welcome!" At 10:38 PM Eastern, PatriotUSA76 tweets, "@Goatsred That would be great. TY. I dont want to wind up in the #p2 section!"

Notes: While PatriotUSA76 makes it sound as if is new to Twitter ("I thought I'd see what all the talk is about! thanks for the welcome!"), he seems to know what #FF means. Even more interestingly, he's already familiar with the #p2 hashtag, a hashtag progressives use on Twitter to aggregate their tweets. (Source: Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)


01/10/11: PatriotUSA76 tweets, "@goatsred Hey brother! Lost my connection oveer the weekend. Hope you're doing good!" It's not Friday anymore, but even so, Goastred tweets, "I do not do this often but I would like to add a #FF for @patriotusa76 . New here, a great patriot, Reagan fan and enthusiastic get USA back." (Source: Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)


01/11/11: PatriotUSA76 tweets, "Thank you to all of the followers of @goatsred that have followed me! Nice to meet you all as I learn the ropes here as the new guy!" (Source: Topsy)


01/26/11: Jihadihunter tweets, "Rep Weiner Is A Total Prick, The Kid Who Gave Up His Lunch Money He'll Make A Nice Prison Bitch One Day #tcot #teaparty" (Source:


02/04/11: Goatsred tweets, "@PatriotUSA76 Glad to have you here...." (Source: Google cache of Twitter)


02/07/11: Starchild111 tweets, "@axlrose Happy Birthday Axl! I [heart] you and you’re a total hottie muahhhhh! [4 hearts]" (Source: Screencap from archive of Twitter)

Notes: Apparently Starchild111 deletes this tweet, because it does not show up in later archives of her timeline.


02/15/11: Goatsred tweets, "@patriotusa76 .. I told you he blocked me right??? Heres the screencap...... And Ill be back on in a few." (Source: Screencap from archive of Twitter)

02/15/11: PatriotUSA76 raises the possibility that Weiner is planning to run for NYC mayor in 2013. Here's a summary of his tweets: "Hear Antoinette is running for Mayor of NYC. If they elect that snake God help them. Do NY voters have any common sense????...The thought of him as mayor of where 9/11 happened with a "wife" who has terrorist ties is sickening. Supposedly he has the most money in his campaign fund out of all the 2013 candidates. Over 3 million. Sign me up to campaign against him and his Saudi backers. I think Pamela Geller has also written a bunch on Weiner & his "wife"" (Source: Screencap from archive of Twitter.)


02/24/11: PatriotUSA76 and Goatsred have another discussion about Weiner's potential mayoral campaign. First, Goatsred tweets, "Thanks to @patriotusa76 Let's not get too excited about Anthony Weiner The Weiner gearing up for 2013 NYC Mayor??" At one point, PatriotUSA76 mentions #P2 again: "@goatsred You have me really LOL, bro. And all those pathetic #p2 drooling over that weasle. Such dimwits." (Source: Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)


03/01/11: Progressive stripper/porn star Ginger Lee tweets, "I want to have sexual relations with Anthony Weiner." (Source: Twitter)


03/03/11: Ginger Lee starts following Weiner on Twitter and gets a message in return from him. (Source: Twitter)


03/13/11: Weiner DMs Ginger Lee. (Source: Twitter screen-cap)

03/13/11: In response to Ginger Lee's tweet about getting a DM from Weiner, Starchild111 tweets Ginger Lee. "I can relate I'm a fangirl too! What did he say (trying to live vicariously through you lol)?!!!" Ginger Lee tells Starchild111 that Weiner thanked her for her shout-outs and said he liked her blog. Starchild111 tells Lee that she likes her blog as well. Ginger Lee responds, "Well thank you. :blushes:" (Source: Google cache of Twitter, Twitter, Twitter)

03/13/11:Ginger Lee writes about her deepening crush on Weiner on her Tumblr blog. (Source:


03/19/11: Ginger Lee tweets about dealing with lupus. Starchild111 tweets a message of sympathy and virtual hugs. (Source: Twitter, Google cache of Twitter)


03/23/11:Bornfreecrew member Jihadihunter taunts Weiner via Twitter. Weiner returns fire, calling him a troll. Also on this day, JihadiHunter publishes an anti-Weiner column at (Source: Tweetdeck, Twitter).


03/26/11: PatriotUSA76 tweets, "@goatsred LMAO! Can't wait until someone digs up all of his skeletons. Can't we get O'Keefe on this weasel? @JamesOKeefeIII" (Source: Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)


03/31/11: PatriotUSA76 tweets, "@goatsred @Merreee1 @mikemadden59 @gk68 LMAO. Yes! Wish JamesOkeefeIII would take him down. That would be hilarious. (Source: Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)


04/06/11: On this date, Starchild111's Twitter profile page includes no name other than Starchild, no location information, and no bio. (Source: Google cache of Twitter)

Notes: This snapshot shows that she has a total of seven tweets. She's following 26 people, and Ginger Lee is her most recent follow. The earlier screencap of her page, dated 01/01/2011, also showed a total of seven tweets. Given her tweets to Ginger Lee, she should have more now -- or has she already started deleting tweets?

Of the ten new people that Starchild111 is following, nine are somehow connected to the band Guns N' Roses. (Ginger Lee is the exception.)

There's been some conjecture about how many high-school girls in the year 2011 are huge GNR fans, but here's an important point to remember. Starchild111 is not explicitly a high-school girl yet. She's just a self-described Weiner fan, and her profile isn't necessarily designed at this point to authenticate her status as a HS girl who lives in LA.

Still, these new GNR follows may be serving purpose: Guess who puts GNR on his mix tapes?

Prudence Paine analyzes Starchild111's evolving Twitter profile here.


04/09/11: Gennette Cordova tweets, "I wonder what my boyfriend @RepWeiner is up to right now." (Source: screencap)


04/10/11: Large and getting larger, Anthony Weiner sends a message of gratitude to his fans via Twitter: "Thanks for the follow. 30k and only about 10k are Tea Party Trolls. #Bachmannhasmorethanme" (Source: Twitter)

04/10/11: In response to Weiner's tweet, PatriotUSA76 tweets, "@mikemadden59 LMAO, yeah can't you just see Weiner sitting at his computer creating twitter accounts? @goatsred @jihadihunter" (Source: Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)


04/12/11: At 5:17pm, PatriotUSA76 tweets, "@Rep Weiner accepts Porn Donations" At 5:20 pm, he tweets, "Among his few follows, @RepWeiner follows press, fellow members of Congress and PORN actress Ginger Lee. Trying to change his image?"

Apparently, Weiner quickly unfollows Lee. Then, Goatsred tweets, "@patriotusa76 @repweiner I emailed ten websites already." (Source: Daily Dose, Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)

Notes: Why does PatriotUSA76 ask, "Trying to change his image?" Prior to this tweet, PatriotUSA76 has typically described Weiner as effeminate, calling him "Antoinette Weiner." Goatsred has sounded similar themes in tweets. For example, here he refers to him as his wife Huma's "beard."

While Starchild111 is aware as of 03/13 that Weiner is interacting with Ginger Lee, I have yet to find any tweet by either PatriotUSA76, Goatsred, or any other person associated with the Bornfreecrew that characterizes Weiner as a womanizer or references his online interactions with female admirers until this date. Also, while PatriotUSA posts numerous tweets about Weiner following Lee on this date, he doesn't mention anything about the fact that Weiner DMed her a month earlier.

A potentially enlightening question: When did Weiner actually start following Lee? Was it when he first DMed her, or not until later?

04/12/11: At 5:42 pm, PatriotUSA76 tweets, "@goatsred Check it out bro, he removed the porn actress from those he follows. LMAO!" (Source: Daily Dose)

04/12/11: Goatsred tweets, "Did you know? @repweiner follows @SarahPalinUSA ??" (Source: Twitter)

04/12/11:At 6:21PM, PatriotUSA76 tweets, "@RepWeiner wow an elected member of Congress calling followers on twitter “trolls”.. Nice 2 see you doing your job!"


04/13/11: In a Facebook message, Weiner tells Lisa Weiss it's his "lisa time." (Source: Radar Online)

04/13/11: High school student “Ethel” tweets several times about Weiner on this date. Early in the day, for example, she asks him to follow her back on Twitter. Later, she tweets that she’s watching Weiner on CNN. Finally, at 7:04 PM, she tweets, "Seriously talking to Representative Weiner from New York right now! Like is my life real?"

04/13/11: Starting at 9:12PM, the action gets fast and furious. Specifically:
9:12 PM: Patriot DMs Goatsred about Ethel's 7:04 PM tweet. (Source:
9:16PM: Patriot publicly retweets Ethel's tweet. (Source: Daily Dose)
9:17PM: Starchild111 sends a tweet to Ethel. It reads, "Hey! I'm a fangirl too! I'm living vicariously through you! How'd you get him to talk to you???" (
9:19PM: Goatsred tweets a screencap of Ethel's profile/page. (Source: Twitter)
9:31PM: Goatsred copies Starchild111 on a follow-up tweet to Ethel, exclaiming, "Whats next for the Weiner from NY? Cruising soup kitchens?" (Source: Twitter)
9:40PM: PatriotUSA76 tweets, "It wasn’t directed at you [Ethel] we just noticed he has a strange thing for porn and kids, that’s all. Sorry." (Source: Daily Dose)

Notes: As Prudence Paine has observed, the language Starchild111 uses to engage Ethel is very similar to language she used earlier with Ginger Lee.

"Hey! I'm a fangirl too! I'm living vicariously through you! How'd you get him to talk to you???" Starchild111 says to Ethel. "I can relate I’m a fangirl too! What did he say (trying to live vicariously through you lol)?!!!" she said to Lee a month earlier.

(Re: "fangirl," Starchild111 was actually appropriating that word from Lee herself, whose 03/13 tweet about Weiner read, "You know it's a good day when you wake up to a DM from @RepWeiner. (I'm a fangirl, y'all, he's my trifecta of win.)"

Additional note: Assuming PatriotUSA76 and Starchild111 are independent entities operating with no knowledge of each other, how did each discover Ethel on their own and then end up tweeting her within one minute of each other, roughly two hours after the tweet that caught their attention?

Weiner never publicly tweeted Ethel on that day. To discover Ethel's 7:04 tweet would have likely required a general Twitter search of "Weiner" or some variant. Did PatriotUSA76 and Starchild111 coincidentally do this within minutes of each other? Were they working in concert with each other? Or were they simply one and the same?

04/13/11: In subsequent tweets to Ethel, Starchild111 exhibits her usual M.O. First she attempts to bond via ostensible shared interests and flattery: "OMG! So jealous! I love LeBron too, btw!!! Cute avi!" Then she quickly asks for a follow so they can DM: "Can you DM me -- I don't want them to see my tweet to you?" (Source: Twitter screencap at

04/13/11:Weiner apparently unfollows Ethel. (Source:


04/16/11: By this date, Starchild111's Twitter profile page includes a name ("Nikki Reid"), a location (Los Angeles), and a bio ("high school, politics and homework and the beach is my life!"). (Source: Google cache of Twitter)


04/18/11: PatriotUSA76 tweets, "Now @RepNeedleDick you know you shouldn’t be trolling the school yards for followers. Leave the students alone! @GennetteNicole" (Source:


04/19/11: PatriotUSA76 tweets, "@RepWeiner ... unfollowed 1 school girl. Now has 1 left ... initials: GN..." Gennette Cordova replies, "Are you insinuating that I'm a child? Don't mention in anymore tweets..." (Source: Doug Ross @ Journal)


4/20/11: Meagan Broussard likes Weiner’s Facebook page. Weiner friends Broussard. According to her father, Broussard saw a video of Weiner in a class she was taking at Lamar University. After watching the video, he says, she "e-mailed the congressman and expressed an interest in politics." (Sources: ABC News, FOX 4 News)

Notes: For the record, Broussard expressed an interest in politics by writing "Hottt" on Weiner's Facebook page.


04/21/11: A college student tweets, "HOLY #congressionalcrush! @RepWeiner just added me on facebook. DAY. MADE." Approximately two and a half hours later, Starchild111 tweets, "@[college student] omg! my friend ethel here on twitter and I are Weiner fangirls too! Could you DM me how you got a follow? that’s so cool!" (Source: Screen-cap of archive of Twitter)


04/26/11: PatriotUSA76 tweets, "@Merreee1 @tamale102280 @redrivergrl @goatsred @mikemadden59 @gk68 @Jihadihunter Wish Ray Kelly had a twitter so we could promote for mayor." And: "@Merreee1 @tamale102280 @redrivergrl @goatsred @mikemadden59 @gk68 @Jihadihunter Getting Kelly early support would prob drive Weiner nuts." (Source: Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)


04/28/11: A friend of Ginger Lee's makes a joke on Twitter that maybe Ginger left her unicorn at "Weiner's place."

Lee replies, "I could only hope. *wistful sigh* #whymustyoubringupanthonyweinerihaveacrushonhim."

Then she laments, "I think he's probably one of the few people that are immune to my wooing skills. Why Weiner, why? It's terrible. #intendedtobeafactualstatement."

A short while later, at 18:12:49 UTC, Starchild111 shows up. She tweets the following message to Lee and her friend: "Don't blame yourself. You are lovely. But he is married/in love with a gorgeous gal. All the good ones are it seems."

Lee replies, "Oh, I know. It's just a running joke I've had with @redishadt & a few other people for a while now."

Over the next couple hours or so, Starchild111 sends 11 tweets to Lee and Lee's friend. Here are the most interesting ones:

"Thank you for that. I always seem to get the crazies, psychos, stalkers, and just overall bastards in general."

"Then you know that feeling of utter despair I feel when the universe keeps throwing these freaks at me How do you deal with that?"

"Actually one of the reasons I had to take my pic down a psycho ex stalker wouldn't leave me alone."

"What do you do when they won't leave no matter how much you tell them to get away?"

"@thank you so much for your advice. you are kind. would you mind DM me? i have a question related to that - unless it upsets you"

"Thank you so much! I got your message but I can't reply could you follow me?"

(Source: screen-cap 1, screen-cap 2, screen-cap 3)

Notes: When Starchild111 tells Lee she had to take her pic down, is she talking about some other account? When Starchild111 initially contacts Lee on 03/13, she is using her “starry night” avatar. In three earlier Starchild111 tweets that preserves, Starchild111 is using the Twitter egg as her avatar. In other words, there’s no existing evidence to suggest that she had been using a photo of herself or anyone else as her Twitter avatar at an earlier date. In addition, I have never seen any tweets directed at Starchild111 that suggest a “psycho ex” was stalking her.

It also appears that Starchild111 convinces Lee to follow her.


05/04/11: Weiner emails Broussard a photo sitting with his four cats. Broussard emails him back four photos, photos not described. (Source: ABC News)


05/05/11: Starchild111 tweets Weiner follower Gennette Cordova for the first time. At 2:13 pm Pacific, she tweets, "I've always wanted to read that one. Any good tips?" At 2:43 pm Pacific, she tweets, "@GennetteNicole Keep me posted, please! lol. I have heard good things. I agree with you -- I have some field experience in this area. LOL" At 2:44 pm Pacific, she tweets, "If you want we can DM each other and trade techniques! LOL I have a bunch. I'm sure you do too." At 7:07 pm Pacific, she tweets, "@GennetteNicole is the coolest ever!" (Source: Google cache 1, Google cache 2, Google Cache 3, Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)

Notes: Cordova agrees to follow Starchild111, and their subsequent conversations take place via DM.

5/05/11: Weiner emails Broussard a photo where he’s written “Me” on a piece of paper, at 3:08pm. (Source: ABC News)

5/05/11: At 6:26 pm, Goatsred tweets, "A big bomb about to burst: Rumor on the Right Coast is that a" big time" Congressman was caught with a mistress .There are pix and a top five Right-Wing blogger has them." PatriotUSA76 immediately starts re-tweeting it. (Sources: Twitter and Milowent.)

Notes: While Goatsred tweets this info "blind," he later explains that PatriotUSA76 told him from the start that the rumor was specifically about Weiner.

05/05/11: Traci Nobles writes to Weiner, “'i cant stop thinking about you, I'm touching myself as we speak, i want you inside of me, i need to see you mr. congressman, please don't disappoint me!'” (Source: Radar Online)


05/09/11: At 05:33 UTC, @Repneedledick tweets, "Play with fire, you will get burned @RepWeiner I know what you've been doing illegally #tcot #nyc #mayor #redeye" (Source:
Notes: In an IM interview with FilmLadd, PatriotUSA76 says @repneedledick was a sock operated by @Jihadihunter. Thus, this is the second time -- see the post for 01/26/11 -- that Jihadihunter implies that Weiner is engaging in some sort of illegal activity.


05/11/11: At 7:45 pm, Goatsred tweets PatriotUSA76 a photo of Gennette Cordova. (Source: Twitter)

05/11/11: At 8:19 pm, Goatsred tweets, "Update on Powerful NorthEastDem in Pics -- Sources tell me that the girl is a teenager. Not underaged." (Source: Milowent)


05/12/11:At 7:54 am, Goatsred tweets, "@PatriotUSA76 Lots of work we have to do today." PatriotUSA76 replies, "@goatsred DM me with all the details, bro."

Goatsred also tweets, "Starting the day on a good note. Working on this Democrap affair story with under 21 paramour" and "You can add me to the troublemaker list. Lots of juicy dlatiff to do today." (Source: Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Screen-cap from of Twitter)

05/12/11: At 11 AM EDT, Ginger Lee tweets a link to her Tumblr page, where she has posted an entry about her experiences with a stalker.

05/12/11: At 1:52 PM EDT, Lee tweets, "@starchild111 *hug*” At 2:20 PM EDT, Lee tweets, "@starchild111 Sometimes hugs can make all the difference (with consent). You’re not alone out there. Really. It's just something nobody talks about openly because it makes people that haven't dealt with it uncomfortable."

Notes: It appears that Lee is responding to tweets or possibly DMs from Starchild111, but I have not been able to find a record of them.

05/12/11: At 2:22 PM EDT, Starchild111 tweets, "@gingerlee You are the sweetest of all sweethearts." At 2:30 PM EDT, Lee tweets, "@starchild111 Only to people that deserve it. And you most certainly deserve it." At 2:33 PM EDT, Starchild111 tweets, "@gingerlee I always have your back. I am a loyal friend and I am happy to show you that xoxo.") At 2:38 PM EDT, Lee tweets, "@starchild111 Ditto." Fifty minutes later, Starchild111 retweets a subsequent Lee tweet about Lee's experience of being stalked. (Source: Google cache of Twitter, cache of Starchild111 tweets, Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)

05/12/11: Throughout the day, PatriotUSA76 posts at least 20 tweets about the alleged sex scandal and the fact that Weiner is following a high-school student. Some examples of Patriot's tweets:

"@2LiveinLiberty @goatsred Wonder if @RepWeiner teen mistress will get an advice column like Socks-Spitzer’s ex-girl?"

@2LiveinLiberty @goatsred If the bro-code applied, I’d help a brother out, I admit. But @RepWeiner ain’t no bro. That’s for sure.

@goatsred @2LiveinLiberty @RepWeiner ”Does your dorm have a curfew or do you wanna just go to the Motel 6?” (Source: Daily Dose)

05/12/11: According to Gennette Cordova, she and Anthony Weiner discuss Starchild111 for the first time. She says she pointed out the Starchild111 account to him, and that he replied, "This is a troll who has been bragging elsewhere that he has dirt on me. The profile is fake." Cordova says she believes Weiner was referring to PatriotUSA76 when he made this claim. (Source: Cordova comment at, Cordova comment at

05/12/11: At some point during the day, Weiner sends an email to Ginger Lee, warning her that a "conservative blogger/troll" is contacting his female followers with the intention of doing a story on them. (Source:

Notes: Does Weiner identify the blogger/troll to Lee as Starchild111? If so, does this disclosure come before or after Lee's exchange with Starchild? While Starchild111 sends tweets to Lee after this date, I can find no tweets from Lee to Starchild111 after this date.


05/13/11: Via Twitter, MarienelaAlecia asks Starchild111 if she’s finished her world lit paper. (Source: Google cache of Twitter)

This Google cache of MarienelaAlecia's Twitter profile, dated 05/15, shows that MarienelaAlecia is following 81 Twitter accounts, has 24 followers, and has a tweet count of 16. 16 tweets are depicted on the page. The earliest one is time-stamped "about 23 hours ago." Because the cache is time-stamped May 15 01:37:03 GMT, that means the first tweet occured on May 14, 02:37 GMT, or May 13, 7:32 PM PDT.

All 16 of MarienelaAlecia's tweets are directed at either Starchild111 or fellow Dodgers fan Juan2487. In return, Starchild111 sends at least a dozen tweets to MarianelaAlecia between March 13 - 15, and several to Juan2487 as well. One of her tweets to MarianelaAlecia mentions Ginger Lee, but most discuss watching TV, making plans to go to the beach, etc.

Notes: Why does MarianelaAlecia show up now? Starchild111 wants to make herself appear to be an actual three-dimensional person, with friends, a social life beyond Twitter, etc.

As mentioned earlier, Starchild111's interest in the Kardashian clan dates to the account's earliest documented days. On May 13, MarianelaAlecia references that interest, calling Starchild111 "Miss 'i watch the Kardashians.'"

In tweets that occur on May 13 and May 14, Starchild111 and MarianelaAlecia discuss Starchild111's love of Lebron James. This is potentially significant because a month earlier, on April 13, Starchild111 tried to bond with Ethel over their shared interest in James.

Finally, note MarianelaAlecia's first two tweets to Starchild111, which in part read, "Did u finish your world lit paper?" and "You live in LA...." If MarianelaAlecia was created to more realistically establish the premise that Starchild's a HS student who lives in LA, she gets an A for efficiency and a C-minus for subtlety. (Thanks to Ron Brynaert for the suggestion to consider these early interactions.)

Prudence Paine has found a cache that shows many of Starchild111's tweets to MarienelaAlecia during this time.

05/13/11:: Weiner tells his Twitter followers how to get him to follow them back: "Thanks so much for following me. Would you like me to follow you? Use #WeinerYes " (Source: Twitter)

05/13/11: Ethel asks for a Weiner Yes: “@RepWeiner you used to follow me. don't forget me!!! #weineryes" (Source:


05/14/11:Today, or possibly the previous day, Starchild111's avatar changes from white stars on a black background to a photo of a girl/woman. However, some screen-caps of tweets dated as late as 05/16/11 continue to show old avatar. (Source: Milowent)

05/14/11: The Starchild111 cache that Prudence Paine recently posted is dated 05/14/11. It shows that Starchild111 is now following 119 Twitter accounts and that her current tweet count is 60. She has 32 followers.

Notes: Between the 04/16 Starchild111 cache and this new one, Starchild111 has added at least 74 follows, tweeted at least 49 times, and picked up at least 10 new followers. ("At least" in all instances because it's possible Starchild111 has deleted follows, deleted tweets, etc.)

Starchild111's most recent follow as of this date, an individual who goes by the Twitter handle Tenazone, has numerous Jennifer Lopez fans amongst both his follows and followers.

The new cache shows 22 tweets. Thus, there are approximately 27 Starchild111 tweets, occuring between 04/16 and 05/14, that are not recorded in the previous cache or this one. Starchild111 tweeted Ginger Lee at least several times on 04/28. She tweeted Gennette Cordova at least three times on 05/05. She tweeted Ginger Lee several times again on 05/12. She tweeted a female HS student (not Ethel) who does not appear to have had any connection or interest in Weiner at least three times on 05/13 and 05/14.

Was she tweeting anyone else between 04/16 and 05/14?


05/15/11: Weiner apparently starts following Ethel again. Ethel tweets, "SERIOUSLY LOVING LIFE AGAIN BUT I GOTTA KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT OR ELSE………" (Source:


05/16/11: At 1:18 am, Gennette Cordova DMs the following message to Starchild111: "Hey did you say one of your friends was [Ethel]?" Then, in a subsequent DM, she writes, "Sorry. That was totally random but I just saw that this politician just started following her today and he follows me. Small world."

Starchild111 replies in some fashion, then Cordova writes, "Yeah! It is. I love him. Just ask. Maybe he will, who knows? Haha. I think I’m gonna hit the sack. I have an early class. Lame:" Then, in a subsequent DM, "Oh, I just looked. He’s doing this hashtag thing and following people I guess? Idk. I never asked him to follow me." (Source:

Notes: Missing here, of course, are Starchild111's replies. Note that it's Starchild111 who explicitly identifies Weiner by name; Cordova never actually says Weiner's name in any of their exchanges. Note, based on Cordova's response that includes the phrase, "Just ask," that it is Starchild111 who has brought up the subject if she should try to follow Weiner.

05/16/11: At 2:29 am, Starchild111 tweets, "@RepWeiner i'm kind of shy to ask this but i've been a fan for a while will u follow me? #WeinerYes" (Source: CSPAN Twitter feed)

Notes: Another cache of this tweet, at Google, is time-stamped May 15, 11:29 pm. The three-hour difference reflects EDT versus PDT. That is, when it's May 16 2:29 am on the east coast, it's still May 15 11:29 on the west coast, where Starchild111 ostensibly is.

But what is the 1:18 AM time-stamp on the Cordova DM -- PDT or EDT?

If Starchild111's account is stamping Cordova's DM as being received at 1:18 AM PDT, Starchild111 has already asked Weiner for a follow before this conversation takes place.

If Starchild111's account is stamping Cordova's DM as being received at 1:18 EDT, then presumably their conversation takes place before Starchild111 asks Weiner for a follow. But why is a girl who lives in LA using EDT on her Twitter account?

Also note that the Google cache shows Starchild111 is using her hot girl avatar when tweeting her request to Weiner.

05/16/11: At 8:46 am, PatriotUSA76 tweets, "There could be some great fun on the agenda today..." (Source: Google Twitter cache)

05/16/11: Weiner starts following Starchild111. Between 9:03 am and 10:26 am, he allegedly sends her 17 DMs. In them, he makes references to "Republican trolls" and encourages Starchild111 to recruit more Twitter followers for him. Throughout the rest of the day, he allegedly sends her approximately two dozen more DMs, with the latest one arriving at 11 PM. (Source:,

Notes: These messages from Weiner have not been confirmed as genuine.

05/16/11: At 11:49 am, Starchild111 tweets, "@RepWeiner Thank you so much @GennetteNicole!!!" (Source:CSPAN Twitter feed)

05/16/11: At 12:21 pm, Goatsred tweets, "@repweiner #YesWeiner." Eight minutes later, he realizes he mixed up the hashtag and tweets again, sending the message, "@repweiner #WeinerYes." (Sources: Twitter, Twitter)

05/16/11: Starchild111 tweets that Weiner is following her on Twitter, announces campaign to get him to be her prom date. One of her tweets: “Follow the best progressive Congressman @RepWeiner he is a democrat who fights for us & against Republican trolls!” (Source:

05/16/11: At 1:21 pm, Patriotusa76 tweets: “RT Starchild111 Please tweet and follow @RepWeiner & tell him to be my prom date>>Poor girl. We should warn her.” (Source: Daily Dose)

05/16/11: At 3:42pm, PatriotUSA75 tweets, "Well we have a good deed planned. Really we do" (Source: Google Twitter cache)

05/16/11: At some point in this day, Gennette Cordova exchanges more DMs with Starchild111. A screen-capture at documents three of them, time-stamped 10:47, 10:51, and 11:04, but it's not clear if it's AM or PM. In these DMs, Cordova talks about things she's said to Weiner, including that she's been "pretty obsessed with him," that he's "[her] idea of a perfect man," that he "looked cute" on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show. (Source:

Notes: Cordova says in the comments section at that she believed Starchild111 was "fake" at this point, and that the exchanges she described with Weiner didn't actually take place. Instead, she suggests, she was trying to "bait" Starchild111 with these statements. UPDATE: A newly revealed iteration of these DMs time-stamps them on 05/18 rather than 05/16.

Many of these DMs are published in two formats, and the two formats have different time-stamps. One set of time-stamps are labeled -0000, which signifies UTC or Greenwich Meantime. The other time-stamps just give a date and the hour:minute, and no time zone. Based on the 5-hour difference between the two sets, however, it appears that Starchild111, the ostensible SoCal teenager, had her computer clock set to Central Daylight Time when these DMs were exchanged.


05/17/11: Weiner sends another couple dozen DMs to Starchild. (Source:

Notes: These DMs have not been confirmed as genuine. Meanwhile, on 05/16 and 05/17, Weiner's public tweet-stream is tweetless.

05/17/11: Four members of the BornFreeCrew tweet messages to Starchild111, telling her that he is "not as good as you think" and that they have "proof of what he does & worry," and that there are "many incidents that we know of that he's been involved in." (Source: Google cache of Twitter)

Notes: When Tamale102280 tweets, "@starchild111 hun, please don't think we are picking on you. We have proof of what he does & worry," what is she talking about specifically?

Is she simply saying the BFC has "proof" that Weiner follows young attractive women, including at least one high school girl, on Twitter? Or is she suggesting that the BFC already has more damning interactions about Weiner's online interactions with women?


05/18/11: At 4:52 AM Eastern, MikeMadden59 tweets "@Goatsred Did that thing ever surface? I gotta go to work. Check back later MUCH later." At 5:16 AM Eastern, Goatsred replies, "@mikemadden59 Not yet. You will know ahead of time when it does. Promise. Talk later." (Source: Twitter, Twitter)

Notes: When I showed Goatsred these tweets, he commented, via DM: "The Mike M thing was because we already talked about the rumor and I had no idea that it was on Patriots agenda.I just f-around"

05/18/11: A reporter from the New York Times interviews Weiner about his social media efforts. In the course of the interview, which takes place in the morning at a Manhattan coffee shop called Coffee Shop, Weiner says, "I know the risk. I've seen enough stories about the risk, and I've kind of kicked the line of the risk a couple of times...With absolutely metaphysical certitude, I will say that I will offend somebody or make a mistake once in a while. I won't always be politically correct, and I'm sorry in advance." (Source: NY Times)

05/18/11: At 8:35 AM Pacific, Patriotusa76 tweets: "@tamale102280 Well twitter better fix it. How can we DM each other?" (Source: Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)

05/18/11: At At 9:19 AM Pacific, Starchild111 tweets, "Well @RepWeiner unfollowed me. That was a short time. I defended him from people. Some thanks he gives to his loyal followers."

Then, she goes on a tirade against Weiner, posting seven tweets in the next eleven minutes. Here they are, grouped as one. Ellipses indicate the end of one tweet and the beginning of the next:

"@RepWeiner It’s really a sad thing when you have the time to call a loyal fan names through twitter messaging....I’m sorry I ever defended you to the trolls on twitter. You don’t deserve it. Calling a young fan names is despicable.... RepWeiner do you take pleasure in humiliating your young fans? Is it acceptable to insult and call me names?....@RepWeiner was it fun getting another one of your followers to also insult me? Isn’t that immature?....@RepWeiner didn’t know that Congressmen spent their time insulting supporters on twitter that defend them from trolls....@RepWeiner thank you for getting one of your followers to spy on me and message me about how bad you and she feel you attacked me.... @RepWeiner her message referred to you as “we” and how bad “we” – Rep Weiner and I feel for attacking you. Thanks for that." (Source: screen-cap 1, screen-cap 2)

05/18/11: At 9:39 AM Pacific, Tamale102280 tweets: "@patriotusa76 I got your message. Just can’t reply. I’m going to look at what you said and then I’m going to logoff for a bit." Two minutes later, she tweets, "@patriotusa76 All I can say about that is holy shit. And I’m off." At 11:36 AM Pacific, Redrivergrl tweets, "@tamale102280 So you saw her tweets too?!? Wish I would have!" At 12:49 PM Pacific, Tamale102280 tweets, "@redrivergrl yes, I saw them. She was pissed." (Source: screen-cap 1, screen-cap 2)

Notes: On the previous day, PatriotUSA76, Goatsred, Tamale102280, and Redrivergrl all exchanged tweets with Starchild111 as they tried to convince her that Weiner was some she shouldn't trust or even be interacting with. Weirdly, though, none of them explicitly reference Starchild111's outburst against Weiner in their tweet-streams.

It's possible, however, that Tamale102280 and Redrivergrl are talking about Starchild111 in the exchange cited above. (If they are, it sounds as if Starchild111 may have deleted her tweets quickly.)

In addition, Goatsred does eventually tweet Starchild111 later in the day. (See below.)

But given the attention the Bornfreecrew has been devoting to Weiner, and given how corrupt they believe him to be, their response -- or rather their lack of it --to Starchild111's tirade seems odd. You'd think they'd make more of Starchild111's allegations against Weiner, as these allegations portray him in a fairly bad -- or at least mockable -- light.

05/18/11:At 10:09 AM PDT, Starchild111 tweets, "RT @"Ethel": Funny that you said you had a crush on a married politician. Are you forreal?" A minute later, she sends it again.

At 11:33 AM PDT, Ethel tweets, "Welp, that was interesting." Later that day, at 7:50 PM PDT, Ethel tweets, "Why would I sabotage the person I went out on a limb for? Silly girl." (Source: Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)

Notes: It appears that Starchild111 is retweeting a derogatory tweet Ethel aimed at Starchild111. However, I can find no record of Ethel's original tweet. Is Starchild111 fabricating Ethel's tweet?

Similarly, is Starchild111 referencing Ethel when she accusing Weiner of getting one of his followers to spy on her and message her? Or is she possibly referencing Gennette Cordova? Later in the day -- see below -- Starchild111 will tweet Weiner again, exclaiming that this follower has sent messages to her that contain lies about Weiner. She offers to show these messages to Weiner.

05/18/11: Weiner emails Broussard grey underwear photo (2:14 pm), then talks with her on the phone (3:36 pm). Broussard sends four photos of herself to Weiner between 3:45 pm and 4:08 pm. Weiner emails erect penis photo to Broussard at 4:15 pm. Broussard emails photos of herself at 8:31 pm and 9:32 pm. (Source: ABC News)

Notes: The ABC News timline does not include time-zone information in its time-stamps. On 09/03, ABC News reporter Devin Dwyer told me via email that all the time-stamps in the timeline were definitely from the same time-zone, and that he believed it was CST. (When we exchanged emails, he did not have access to his notes on the story.)

05/18/11 At 4:16 PM PDT, Goatsred tweets, "@starchild111 What happened??" Apparently she replies in some fashion, because at 5:30 PM PDT, Goatsred tweets, "@starchild111 Yes. Dm me." (Source: Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)

05/18/11: At 6:18 PM PDT, Starchild111 tweets, "@RepWeiner sorry about earlier. I got msgs that were untrue/lies about u, from that same follower. If u want to see them let me know." (Source: Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)

05/18/11: At 7:45 PM PDT, Goatsred tweets, "@MarianelaAlecia done" (Source: Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)

Notes: According to Goatsred, MarianelaAlecia tweeted Goatsred, asking him to follow her. Once he responded to her tweet and followed her, she deleted her tweet to him. Then, she began to tell him how "Ethel" and her friends had allegedly started harassing her and Starchild111 after Starchild111 had tweeted about wanting to take Weiner to prom. See Goatsred's complete account here and here.

05/18/11: At 7:51 PM PDT, an associate of Broussard’s contacts Breitbart about Broussard’s exchanges with Weiner. (Source: Lee Stranahan Blog Talk Radio show)

Notes: On 08/29/11, in reply to my email request, Andrew Breitbart forwarded me a copy of the email Broussard's intermediary sent on 05/18/11, with the intermediary's name, email address, and phone number redacted.

The intermediary sent the email to It had a time-stamp of "Wed, 18 May 2011 19:51:15 -0700."

The email does not mention Broussard by name. The intermediary says he has "a friend who chats with Anthony Weiner on facebook..." He says Weiner sent her "nude pics" earlier that day, and that while he has not seen those, he has seen pics Weiner has sent her previously. He also mentions that Weiner "called [Broussard] today from his office in New York. The intermediary provides a phone number and encourages Breitbart to call or text him if he has any questions."

As mentioned earlier, the phone number and email address are redacted. It's not clear if the intermediary ever provided a name other than what appeared in his email address, or if Breitbart redacted any other info before forwarding this email to me.

In Twitter exchanges with Ron Brynaert on 08/10/11, Breitbart says that Broussard's intermediary contacted Breitbart "by email 1 week-plus before infamous RT. Then I called & left VM. He called next day. Took week to get to Megyn." (Source: Twitter).

Then he expands on his response and answers additional questions from Brynaert with this series of tweets: Tweet: "I've never met Megyn or her friend in person. Megyn doesn't seem political. Her friend may be. I didnt/dont care if he is or not." Tweet:: "Always said 'friend' of Meagan emailed in advance & we followed up. I don't know his name. But Meagan said she's friends w him." Tweet: "Don't remember his name. Once I was in contact with Meagan, he was disposable! Hope he doesn't take that personally!" Tweet: "I have no idea if he contacted me on May 18 because she asked him to. Didn't ask." Tweet: "1st time spoke to MB was FriJune3. Spoke to him SatMay28 for brief moment then on TuesMay31. Thats it. Never met either in person." Tweet: "He contacted me on 18th. We followed up but didnt take too seriously. Then @patriotusa76 RT triggered frantic calling of the guy." Tweet:"Limited resources. One of my trusted associates had convo. If he had delivered goods woulda been different story." Tweet: "No, just wrote to you we had contact between then. Not me. And was put in 'low priority' bin. Conspiracy that!"


05/20/11: Broussard sends Weiner three photos of herself between 12:30 and 12:44pm. Weiner sends her a bare-chested photo of himself at 2:33 pm. Broussard replies with two more photos (2:48 pmand 3:01 pm). (Source: ABC News)


05/25/11: PatriotUSA76 notices that Ethel has published something on Tumblr that suggests she has been having DM conversations with Weiner. Via DM, he tells Goatsred, "Check it out bro her tumblr today has a quote that Weiner DID NOT tweet or say on the floor. This proves it was a PRIVATE convo." (Source: DM screen-cap from Goatsred)

05/25/11: Via DM, PatriotUSA76 discusses how to publicize Weiner's DM to Ethel. (Source: DM screen-cap from Goatsred)

05/25/11: Goatsred emails PatriotUSA76 about the possibility of publicizing Weiner's DM to Ethel. He writes, "I think that since we have the stuff screencapped we call or email his office. But cc a whole bunch of people asking for a comment. She is underage, however. Let me email Darrel Issa press sec" (Source: The Smoking Gun)

05/25/11: Goatsred tweets, "Good evening. Home and starting on our project from DM." (Source: cache of Goatsred tweets)


05/27/11: At 7:44PM, Ginger Lee tweets, "OMG yes. RT @KMB2476: @gingerlee Btw, I just saw Anthony Weiner guest on Rachel Maddow and my first thought was 'You know, that's likely Ginger's dream threesome.'" (Source: Twitter, Tweetdeck)

05/27/11: Weiner sends gray underwear to Gennette Cordova at 8:30 pm. (Source: Big Government)

05/27/11: PatriotUSA76 sees this tweet, and retweets it to Andrew Breitbart, Fox News, the Drudge Report, Michelle Malkin, Right Wing News, Politico, the New York Post, the Hill, Glenn Beck, and the Huffington Post, amongst others. (Source: Liberty Chic's Twitpic)


05/28/11: Big Government publishes story about Weiner’s underwear tweet at 12:24 am. (Source: Big Government)

05/28/11: MarienelaAlecia sends DMs to Goatsred "early Saturday morning." One of them reads, "mike we see what’s going on with rep weiner. nikki has caps of messages from gennette nicole DMs talking about flirting with weienr." (Source: Goatsred's statement in comments section.)

05/28/11: Breitbart sends two tweets to Weiner: At 10:06 am, he writes “Apropos of something: Madonna or Pink?” At 10:42 am, he writes “We have much more.” (Source: Tweet 1, Tweet 2)

Notes: In a piece, Breitbart says he never used any evidence supplied by PatriotUSA76 or Goatsred. Thus, when he writes that "[They] have much more," he's essentially revealing that he's already obtained some form of specific information from Broussard or Broussard's intermediary as early as May 28.

Notes: A source tells me that Weiner shared some gossip about his interactions with the singer Pink to Broussard. Broussard references this obliquely in her initial post at Big Government, when she writes, "I didn’t want him to say more, didn’t want to hear stories about sex with famous people."

05/28/11: At 6:42 PM Pacific, Starchild111 attempts to contact friends of Gennette Cordova. Specifically, she tweets: "@[Friend 1] [Friend 2] This is nikki i am a friend of a friend. I have some info that could help. Please DM me. Ask her she knows me." A minute later, she tweets, "[Friend 1] [Friend 2] if she/U needs proof I can prove it’s me." (Source: Screen-cap of archive of Twitter)

05/28/11: At 8:53 PM PDT, JohnReid9, allegedly the father of Nikki Reid, aka Starchild111, tweets, “@RepWeiner Is there anyway you or someone you work with can DM me I have info that someone is lying about you.” (Source" Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)

Notes: Like his fake daughter, fake dad JohnReid9 is very discreet, asking to move the conversation to DM.


05/29/11: Shortly after noon PDT, Starchild111 sends seven tweets to Gennette Cordova via the JohnReid9 account. Here they are. Ellipsis indicates the end of one tweet and the beginning of a new one:

"@GennetteC if this is really you you'll know who i am – starchilld111 I can prove it's me and have been defending you in private please DM....@GennetteC defending you. Please DM PLease it is nikki....@GennetteC I will delete my tweets to you right after and LOCK my account like before....@GennetteC There is alot I'm working on to help defend u and stop this craziness and set the record straight. you are my friend. i miss u....@GennetteC You were set up and I am working to help show/prove this now. Please pleasse DM me. Nikki. I can tell u name of my dog....@GennetteC I can tel you what pet I had before my dog. And what the name was too....@GennetteC I can tell you the name you wanted for your pet and what pet you want and what pet you had. I can prove it's me Please I can help." (Source" Screen-cap from archive of Twitter)

05/29/11: At 11:16 pm, PatriotUSA76 tweets, "@stranahan There was a tip sent to someone in our group about a scandal. @goatsred reported. We all covered it. We had no names." A few minutes later, he tweets, "@Stranahan @goatsred It was falsely reported that I first said there was a scandal with Weiner. Not true. Go back and look at our timelines." (Source: Milowent)

Notes: According to Goatsred, PatriotUSA76 had privately conveyed that the scandal involved Weiner from the start.


05/31/11: Weiner hires an attorney to "investigate the hacking of his Twitter account." (Source: Reuters)


06/01/11: Large, in danger of being charged, @RepWeiner tweets his last tweet. (Source: Twitter)


06/03/11:05/18/11: A Twitter user named Frankiethadog retweet some of Goatsred's tweets from May. Tweetstats shows that these tweets occurred on a Friday in June, but doesn't explicitly say which Friday. These retweets may have occurred on a later Friday in the month. (Source: Twitter, Tweetstats )

Notes: What is Frankiethadog's intent? Tweetgrader shows that the account was created on 01/08/10, more than a year before it begins retweeting Goatsred tweets.


06/06/11: Weiner admits he wasn't hacked but instead sent the underwear pic to Gennette Cordova himself. (Source: CNN)


06/07: ABC News interviews Meagan Broussard. When Chris Cuomo asks her how the photo of Weiner sans shirt and chest hair came to be sent, Broussard replies, "He just sent that one day. I was like, 'wow.'"

She also says that she "was iffy" about their exchanges and didn't understand why he wanted to talk so frequently. "It wasn't like I was chasing him, at all." Finally, she says "a friend" put her in touch with Andrew Breitbart. (Source: ABC News)

Notes: While Broussard makes it sound like Weiner's shirtless portrait of himself arrived out of the blue, ABC News' timeline shows that she'd actually sent him three photos of herself two hours earlier. Then, after he sent that photo, she responded by sending him two more photos of herself.

Also note that ABC News' Chris Cuomo mixes up an important sequence of events in this interview. He suggests Weiner sent Broussard the bare-chested photo first, then later sent her the photo of his erect penis. In fact, the ABC News timeline shows that it's the other way around. (Via email, ABC News' Devin Dwyer confirmed that the timeline documents the correct order of events.) Weiner sent Broussard his "package" shot and the shot of his erect penis two days before he sent her the pic of his bare chest.

06/07/11: Fox News' Sean Hannity interviews Broussard. Broussard suggests that she's come forward to tell her story now because "[she] was approached" and because Weiner had hired "private eyes" and she was worried that the photos she had sent to Weiner might get "leaked" to the public. (Source: Fox News)

Notes:While Broussard suggests she didn't decide to come forward until after May 31, the day Weiner hired an attorney to represent him, an intermediary for her contacted Breitbart on May 18.

Broussard also gives the impression that she was relatively passive during her exchanges with Weiner. According to ABC News' timeline, he sent her 5 photos, while she sent him 14.

Also, someone please tell Sean Hannity that "pussies" is not "the sexual vernacular for cat." It's the sexual vernacular for vaginas.

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