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November 15, 2007

Currently, alas, itís much harder to shop for the evangelical nonbelievers on your Christmas list than it is to shop for the devout. Many Christians will dispute this claim. After all, they started manufacturing faith-based breath mints and holy teddy bears because they were drowning in a secular sea of Bratz dolls, morally corrosive video games, and pagan golf balls. But thereís a difference between pop culture with no overt religious component and atheist pop culture, and the difference is striking. (READ IT ALL.)


The people who downloaded In Rainbows from sites like TorrentSpy and the Pirate Bay did so for numerous reasons, no doubt. Perhaps they were worried that Yorke and his bandmates might start sending them penis-enlargement spam. Perhaps they ran into problems while trying to download the album from the official site, which experienced technical issues as it tried to survive the initial stampede for the album. Perhaps they simply felt it would be easier to get In Rainbows from one of the sites where they get all their other free music. (READ IT ALL.)

Posted by Greg Beato at 07:26 AM