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With hard disk space going for something like twenty cents a megabyte, it would probably cost MGM/UA more to pay their Webmaster to erase the files from their server than it would to simply leave them on there. (Which might explain why they haven't bothered to remove a link to Movie Line, a site that lists showtimes for movies at theaters around the country. If the search engine that drives this site can find a theater where Showgirls is still playing, Yahoo might want to investigate its technology...)

And who knows? On the Web, Showgirls might actually be a money-maker. After all, its title neatly incorporates the Web's most reliable formula for generating hits so far: Show girls! To this end, the site features many images of naked women, and even a few downloadable Quicktime video clips. For moneyed libertines whose appetite for hand-crafted stripper breasts cannot be appeased with a half dozen pixelated images, the site also features a pitch for the Official Showgirls Book. On sale for $24.95, this collection of over 70 photographs offers a candid, behind-the-scenes look at the making of a project that will undoubtedly earn a place in the annals of erotica as a prime example of retro-Guccione soft-core. Unfortunately, the most likely candidates to purchase the book--Showgirls director Paul Verhoeven and Showgirls screenwriter Joe Eszterhas--have probably already secured free copies of it.

In addition to its mammocentric mentality, Showgirls has several other attributes that make it well-suited for the Web. One is its general lousiness: consider its tired Flashdance-without-the-sweatshirts storyline, or its star, Elizabeth Berkley, whose particular form of pulchritude is so static it compresses from the 24 frames-per-second pace of cinema to a single fixed image without any apparent loss of information...

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