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Previous episodes of The Tesh Files In response to this perception, Jackson tried to recast himself as a still-contemporary figure, just as "bad" and "dangerous" as the new breed of gangsta rappers who had grown so popular while his own star had faded. In public performances, Jackson began to grab his crotch incessantly, compulsively. The public objected--if anything, his antics were making him less popular--and still he persisted. The music would start, and that overwhelming, undeniable urge would overtake him. What started as a calculated attempt to curry public favor became an uncontrollable affliction, and perhaps the first sign that Jackson's state of mind--which has never been particularly stable--was worsening.

Now, I'm not saying Tesh is doomed to a future of pedophiliac lawsuits and mysterious mid-rehearsal collapses. But perhaps the people who are closest to him--Connie? Yanni? Are you reading this?--should take him aside and suggest he seek help...

Early intervention may avert future catastrophes.