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For over a month, not one person replied. And then, finally, after thirty-five days of soul-eroding disinterest, S. Thorp offered an opinion:

John Tesh

S. Thorp (
Sat Feb 24 22:28:25 EST 1996

John Tesh is one of the least talented men in the business. His blatent self promotion is so rude on E.T. Mary Hart is almost as bad, atleast she is pleasing to the eye.

Clearly, the Tesh coronation campaign is going nowhere.

I probably could have lived with this failure, except that on the same day that I read S. Thorp's message, I also happened to read a past installment of the Netly News. The topic for that article: whether or not Howard Stern qualified as the King of New Media. Apparently, Stern has for several years been calling himself the King of All Media because of his success in radio, TV, and publishing; the author of the Netly News article wanted to find out if Stern's enormous popularity in those mediums had carried over to the Web as well...

And, indeed, it has.

According to that article, there are over 20,000 pages on the Web that refer to Stern. And there are many sites devoted to Stern exclusively. In comparison, Traffic is the only site on the Web (as far as I know) that offers Tesh information on a regular basis.

So maybe Stern is indeed The King of All Media.

Sure, Stern gave himself this sobriquet, but it has stuck. First his legion of fans began to use it, and now, even impartial journalists frequently refer to him as such. But even with first-use and the support of his fans, I have to wonder: does Stern really deserve the title? And if he doesn't, perhaps Tesh might assume it; after all, it is quite similar to the one I had originally sought for him. Sometimes it's simply easier to depose an already established despot than to establish sovereignty from scratch...