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Or maybe not. Such an undertaking might be attractive to the likes of Marshall, in that it could provide an additional source of revenue, but it also suggests a long-term approach and a regard for the customer, two concepts that quick-buck infomercial types haven't expressed much interest in. With the cost of air time rising at a dramatic rate and a glut of shows competing for the same pool of gullible-consumer dollars, it is getting harder and harder to make money in the infomercial business, even as the annual revenues of the industry as a whole increase. Given this climate, most infomercial producers, Marshall included, will simply continue to refine and exaggerate the methods that have worked so far: outlandish promises, hype instead of information, and high-pressure sales tactics.

Indeed, hard as it is to imagine an infomercial that outdoes Passion, Profit, and Power!!!, you can bet that somewhere out there, there's a hungry entrepreneur dreaming it up.