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You see, that's the problem with these infomercials: they promise us short-cuts to the passionate, profitable, powerful lives we dream of living, but they don't deliver.

At least that's what Marshall Sylver says. And he ought to know. Before creating his own program, Passion, Profit, and Power!!!, he used to watch all the other infomercials too. And his quest for self-improvement didn't stop there. He read get-rich-quick books, he went to seminars...

But he just never got the results he was hoping for.

So after one too many disappointments at the hands of ineffectual wealth-and-happiness gurus, Marshall took it upon himself to discover the true secrets to success. He studied rich, passionate, powerful people, people who squeezed life like a ripe tasty orange for all the juice it had to offer. He watched them earn money, love prodigiously, and boss people around. In time, he learned their secrets.

And being a hypnotist by trade, he also learned to duplicate their secrets.

In fact, Marshall claims that with a few well-modulated words and the snap of his fingers, he can hypnotize you into thinking like a successful person. According to him, that's all it takes to realize your dreams. When you think like a successful person, you begin to act like one too. In addition to the marvelous simplicity of this solution, its effects are immediate; there's none of that annoying waiting-around that you have to do with other self-help programs. Marshall insists that his techniques make an "impact the moment you start to listen."

Does it sound too good to be true?

Well, according to one woman who appears on Marshall's show, she thought it did. In fact, she goes even further, saying, "The first time I saw him, I thought he was a phony, a fraud."