Friday: 07/21/00

Taking 'Stock
"Overflowing toilets cooked in the summer sun," writes Sonicnet's Chris Nelson about Woodstock '99. Upon the anniversary of last year's historic summer bash, Sonicnet hunts for Pulitzer with a five-day series that promises to blow the lid off toxic waste cover-ups, drinking-water conspiracies, and whatever it was that those toilets were cooking...

Run for the Border
OK, enough about the demise of the Taco Bell chihuahua. Sure, the commercial where the dog answered the difficult Jeopardy question ("What is a logorithm?") was a subtle masterpiece, but pretty much every other spot in the series was mediocre at best. We say it's time to bring back Taco Bell's previous spokes-creature, Little Richard.

It's a Napster Thing
Robert Mancini of MTV News reports that Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst and Creed's Scott Stapp continue to exchange insults. Their feud allegedly centers on Stapp's backstage posturing and Durst's thuggish approach to artist recruitment. But there's another factor that perhaps is coming into play: Durst is pro-Napster; Stapp is anti-Napster.

Music Feuds, Part 2
According to Pamela des Barres at E! Online, Debbie Mathers-Briggs is planning to release a rap single called "Why Are You Doing Me Like You Are?" Doesn't she know how her son responded to the last rappers (i.e., Insane Clown Posse) who dissed him on record?

New Release: Roberto Duran Fights...
Low-budget press release with aging boxer Roberto Duran in starring turn quickly disintegrates into one PR 101 cliche (erratic capitalization) after another (use of the world "heralded"). At times, this review is winningly surreal ("At a picnic in the early eighties, Duran actually taught the Goosen boys how to play the drums and how to Jab"), but instead of letting the odd details stand on their own, the author tries to tie everything together into a big sentimental bow of hype. Cameo appearances by former celebrities Jimmie Walker and Linda Blair. B-

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