Mother Jones "Your Ad Here" column:
Does It Pay to Subvertise
Give the People What They Don't Want
Bringing Things Into Focus
Get Pitch Now!
Buy Any Other Name

Mother Jones magazine charts:
March/April '99: Year-end Lists
Jan./Feb. '99: Celebrity Journalism
Nov./Dec. '98: Political Magazines
Sept./Oct. '98: City magazines
July/August '98: Sports magazines
May/June '98: Science magazines
March/April '98: Global magazines
Jan/Feb. '98: Tech magazines
Nov./Dec. '97: Buddhist/Lifestyle magazines

Will The Real Charles Grodin Please Go Crazy Again?
Exit, Pursued by Cops
Only Disconnect
Going For Bloke
Franny & Zoe

General Interest's Last Stand
Same As It Ever Was
Beta Journalism

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