Mission statement

The speed at which the net can communicate information destroys the concept of news; when a media outlet reports an event, it becomes common knowledge, even old hat, in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes. The value add of the scoop is so negligible now it no longer justifies the cost of original reporting. In addition, our appetite for perpetual diversion has grown too strong to make original reporting worthwhile - why take ten hours to investigate a story that will only preoccupy the bulletin-bored public for a scant ten seconds?

News is history, newzak takes its place. Stories about stories about stories, post-op-ed, gossip, spin, shopaganda. It's a dead celebrity's birthday today; buy a card to commemorate it.

But why another outlet for such public service announcements, when so many outlets already exist?

Simplicity. In our media-saturated culture, a sense of closure is a scarce sensation. Most media isn't meant to inform us, but merely to sell us the sense of feeling informed - but how can you achieve that happy state when TV shows and publications, seeking to deliver as much advertising as possible, overwhelm us with the complementary editorial ballast?

Soundbitten provides an easily digestible media experience: just click, read, and leave. There's never more than one article a day, and articles are never more than a few hundred words long.

Special note to advertisers:
Soundbitten's content aims for topicality, sensationalism, and superficiality. It is designed to draw in viewers, but not engross them so much that they will ignore the site's advertising.

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