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November 06, 2011
Weiner for Mayor!

A couple weeks ago, The Hill reported that Anthony Weiner spent $130,000 in Congressional campaign funds after resigning from office in June, including a couple grand or so to Verizon -- so maybe he's still texting away?

In any case, the money he had/has in his congressional campaign coffers is small potatoes compared to the $4 million he's got in his NYC mayoral campaign war chest. Is he free to spend this too even if he doesn't end up running? Or maybe he's still planning to run?

If he is, you can bet someone will have something to say about it. While conventional wisdom holds that still-anonymous Twitter watchdog PatriotUSA76 was obsessed with Weiner's sext life, there was actually one subject that got him way more hot and bothered than who the House's most left-leaning member was tweeting pix of his junk to. Here is a list of PatriotUSA76 tweets that reveal his true obsession:

@patriotusa76: @LezzieBlowhan hear hes running for mayor of ny. good luck ny!

@patriotusa76: @goatsred have you seen his ugly wife? she's muslim. maybe when he's mayor he can bring Sharia law to NYC. she's seriously butt ugly.

@patriotusa76: @goatsred can't stand that guy! hear he's running for mayor of NY. God help NY!!! hope they are smart enough to see through that snake!

@patriotusa76: @goatsred Hear Antoinette is running for Mayor of NYC. If they elect that snake God help them. Do NY voters have any common sense????

@patriotusa76: RT @goatsred: @repweiner If you become mayor of NYC, will you bring your beard with you????

@patriotusa76: RT @goatsred: @repweiner Mayor Weiner #PleaseKillMeIfIEverSeeThisDay

Goatsred: Thanks to @patriotusa76 Let's not get too excited about Anthony Weiner The Weiner gearing up for 2013 NYC Mayor??

patriotusa76: @goatsred How Antoinette is spending taxpayer dollars (@theblaze) what we can look forward to if we get Mayor Weiner

patriotusa76: @Jihadihunter @goatsred If he wins for mayor it will be the first inaug entirely in burkas.

@patriotusa76: @Conservativeind Good luck to them. That vile snake is running for mayor of NY. Psychotic liar and a real weasel.

@patriotusa76: @SaintRPh No but I have family that are. I shudder to think what they will have to go through with him as mayor. Victory mosques for all!

@patriotusa76: @NiteOwl223 RepWeiner Mayor? LOL Nightmare scenario right there.

@patriotusa76: Weiner Uses Clinton Connections 2013 NY Mayor >>Beard payoff @goatsred@Jihadihunter @DarthSoros @gk68 @mikemadden59

@patriotusa76: @goatsred @commonpatriot @gk68 @Jihadihunter @DarthSoros I bet you are right. He is full on muslim now. Good luck NY if he gets in for mayor

@patriotusa76: @Jihadihunter Well, whoever runs against that weasel for mayor of NY gets all my donations. Nightmare. He'd be in charge of an actual city.

@patriotusa76: @owendbanks @TZidaroff Marriage is a beard to hide that lesbian relationship in exchange, he gets Clinton money when he runs for mayor.

@patriotusa76: Trump to Weiner "I've seen your polls in NY for Mayor your not doing well" @goatsred @gk68 @Jihadihunter@DarthSoros @mikemadden59 @Merreee1

@patriotusa76: @redrivergrl @TZidaroff I'm sure when mayor election time happens she will be shouting from the rooftops.

@patriotusa76: @redrivergrl @TZidaroff Yes the MSM are worthless. When you run for an office like mayor you are under a microscope. Let's see what turns up

@patriotusa76: @redrivergrl I wonder if NYC voters would like a mayor with a wife with ties to Al Q. -- the very people that murdered so many in that city.

@patriotusa76: @redrivergrl it for something more valuable. This way he gets to trade it for mayor. Wonder if his deal will work out. Hope not.

@patriotusa76: @redrivergrl He also needed a beard for his private life, so everyone gets what they need. And he gets Clinton$$ and power for mayor race.

@patriotusa76: @mikemadden59 @redrivergrl @tamale102280 @RepNeedleDick Let's pray that NEVER happens! Nightmare scenario with that weasel as mayor.

@patriotusa76: @RepWeiner tweets about being mayor while still on taxpayer dime @goatsred @redrivergrl @mikemadden59@jihadihunter @Merreee1 @RepNeedleDick

@patriotusa76: Merreee1 @tamale102280 @redrivergrl @goatsred @mikemadden59 @gk68 @Jihadihunter Wish Ray Kellyhad a twitter so we could promote for mayor

@patriotusa76: @redrivergrl @tamale102280 @Merreee1 @goatsred @mikemadden59 @gk68 @Jihadihunter Someone needs to start Ray Kelly for mayor.

@patriotusa76: @mizflame98 Bitter, immature, media-whore really screams qualities for "Mayor" LOL.

@patriotusa76: @JDMarmo @goatsred Yeah that state is in trouble. Weiner wants to be the next mayor. If that happens straight to hell and no detours.

@patriotusa76: @tamale102280 @Merreee1 @goatsred @RepWeiner LMAO! "Desperate little freak" perfect description. Well if it is him his mayor race is over.

@patriotusa76: @Merreee1 @tamale102280 @goatsred Really hoping its @RepWeiner or Frank. Weiner then he'd never be mayor. Frank we'd be rid of him for good

Posted by Greg Beato at 07:03 PM