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April 08, 2010
Cola Wars

Brands like Coke and Pepsi were familiar, admirably entrenched, and from a distance, under the right lighting, still sexy. But up close, juxtaposed against a genuinely fresh product like Red Bull? They looked as old and petrified as Mick Jagger! With a few mostly unsuccessful exceptions — Crystal Pepsi, we hardly knew ye — they hadn’t changed in years...

Read it all here.

Posted by Greg Beato at 09:22 AM
April 07, 2010
Meat-free San Francisco

Yesterday, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors voted to officially acknowledge all subsequent Mondays as "meat-free."

Hold your (tofu) horses, Glenn Beck -- this isn't an official ban against baked and boiled animals, just a symbolic proclamation. But it is admittedly kind of chilling, and should give the the-progressive-fascists-are-taking-over! brigade plenty to chew on.

Favorite part of the story, as reported at Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, the vegetarian totalitarian who cooked up this little morsel of clue-free coercion, exclaims, "I want people to think about not having meat on a certain day. I want people to think about what else they could eat.” And then elaborates: "San Franciscans are open. We think about so many things. We think about animals. We care--we have more dogs than children here."

Got that? San Franciscans are open-minded free-thinkers, so that's why it's okay for a government panel to tell them they shouldn't eat meat on Mondays.

Also: will all those dogs be going vegetarian on Mondays too?

Posted by Greg Beato at 08:26 AM