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April 28, 2004
Stern vs. Tesh

From a piece I wrote for The Rake: "At some point you have to ask: How much decency is too much? A small dose of Tesh is like aural Prozac. His soothing baritone refreshes; his sunny optimism uplifts; his easygoing rectitude inspires. But the John Tesh Radio Show goes on for a full five hours! And some radio stations actually air the show from 7 p.m. to midnight, then immediately repeat it from midnight until 5 a.m. Scientists have yet to subject lab monkeys (or children) to such massive quantities of Tesh, but when they do, you can be sure those lab monkeys (and children) are not going to get smarter, healthier, and better at everything they do. Instead, they’ll be chewing each others’ ears off and flinging feces at their captors. Surely, our lab monkeys (and our children) deserve a better fate than this—yet where are the efforts to regulate decency?"

Read the whole thing, and see a nice illustration of Tesh whacking Stern with a loaf of Wonder Bread, by clicking on the link above...

Posted by Greg Beato at 09:07 AM