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May 03, 2003
When The Dealing's Just Beginning...

So it turns out that Bill Bennett loves to gamble...

Oliver Willis suggests this is a form of hypocrisy. At the same time, however, it's also a great opportunity to expand his brand:

Posted by Greg Beato at 10:54 AM
May 02, 2003
Liberation, American Style

From the SF Chronicle: "Good Vibrations said it usually sends a few dozen shipments to military addresses each month. But after combat erupted in March, orders from overseas soared, including a 900 percent increase in condom sales and a 600 percent jump in sales of naughty videos."

Posted by Greg Beato at 09:01 AM
May 01, 2003
War, what is it good for?

Maybe a record deal. CNN reports that "a Baghdad boy band that rehearses in a battered Volkswagen could be launched into the big time after attracting the attention of a talent scout."

The article says the band gained the attention of English promoter Peter Whitehead when it "registered [its] demo on Whitehead's Web site," (Note: Whitehead's website is actually called

An article that ran in Newsday a couple months ago has more information about the band: "In Iraq, their album has sold only a couple of thousand copies since it was released last summer. They don't get much airplay on the radio. They haven't performed any concerts. Seeing as they have jobs and attend college, they barely have any time to rehearse. They've not even begun to work on the kinds of dance routines that make bands like 'N Sync electrifying on stage."

Wouldn't it be great if some American musician with numerous cars donated one to these guys so they could rehearse in, say, a new Escalade instead of that battered Volkswagen? People like P. Diddy or Justin Timberlake must have a few extra vehicles, but of course the Dixie Chicks or Sheryl Crow should also consider helping these guys out.

After all, I don't think Darryl Worley's gonna do it...

Posted by Greg Beato at 11:26 PM