The Last Autograph

Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the collector-freak who has everything? On December 6th, memorabilia dealer Moments in Time will be taking final bids on the copy of Double Fantasy that John Lennon signed for Mark Chapman just a few hours before the latter made the imminent musical careers of Julian and Sean far more viable than they otherwise would have been. In addition to the autograph, the album also boasts a set of Chapman's fingerprints, a circumstance which makes it even more valuable. Bidding starts at $350,000; experts believe the winning offer may exceed $1.5 million.

And if you don't have that kind of money? Why not simply murder whoever does purchase the album, and then steal it? Not only will you not have to pay for it, your act of violence will probably increase the lurid startifact's value even further.

-- G. Beato

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