One Question Interview: Chip Rowe

Plenty of people multi-task these days, but only a few do so in really improbable combinations. Chip Rowe falls into that exclusive camp; a longtime zine publisher of Chip's Closet Cleaner and editor of the new zine anthology The Book of Zines, he's also The Playboy Advisor. Sure, both positions fall within the province of publishing, but is there any publication that seems less zine-ish than Playboy? While in some ways it was the first zine - Hefner started on a shoestring budget and didn't print a date on the first issue because he wasn't sure how long it might remain on newsstands - that was many, many annual reports ago.

Anyway, I had been wanting to ask him a question for the Soundbitten One Question Interview that would somehow hit upon the duality of professional interests, but uncompelling interviewer that I am, I never really figured out what that question was. So I asked Chip to ask himself a question; here it is:

Chip: What would you like never to see in a zine again?

Chip: An apology because the issue is late, a goofy prank letter to a company about one of its products and the company's form letter response, unedited band interviews, poetry in which all the important words are capitalized (e.g. Love, Faith, Honesty), an account of the editor's trip through western or eastern Europe, and "funny" astrology columns.

And this, dear readers, is why you'll get no apology from me for falling off Soundbitten's weekly schedule for the last few weeks. And also why I will not be pursuing my idea to mail Nike a letter requesting that they pay for my (fake) recently deceased uncle's headstone in return for having it engraved with a swooshstika and a "Just Did It" epitaph.

-- G. Beato

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