If You Can't Beat Them, Lick Them

Score another victory for cultural colonialism. According to the Spring 97 issues of Adbusters, Canada, which for the most part struggles mightily to preserve its national identity crisis, has issued a postage stamp commemorating not some forgotten prime minister or pristine Saskatchewan real estate, but the very American (despite its name) Disney World and the somewhat more provincial Winnie The Pooh. (According to Canadian officials, the ursine merchandising magnet "was originally based on a real Canadian bear.")

Adbusters suggests the stamp medium is in store for a new wave of commercialization: Australia has "sold space on its postmarks to KitKat and Coca-cola," it says, and the USPS will soon be following suit with a Bugs Bunny stamp underwritten by Time-Warner. No word yet on whether or not Courtney's handlers are planning to purchase the rights to those ubiquitous Love stamps as a new means of promoting their client.

-- G. Beato

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