Manson on the Web

As if the net doesn't have enough problems with cults, pedophiles, and other demonic forces that threaten to undermine Life As We Know It...

Now Charles Manson is building a website. According to the S.F. Chronicle, the announcement came a week ago, at the 62-year-old t-shirt icon's ninth straight unsuccessful bid for parole. Upon hearing the parole board's vote against him, Manson exclaimed, "That's cool. I'm involved in too many things, I have a web site I'm working on."

While the web does indeed seem like a natural medium for the world-class ranter, he should probably try to get a page up as soon as possible, as there are already a number of sites documenting his life with the sort of comprehensiveness that more frequently accrues to glamorous actresses. Even worse, and are already registered - the latter to a company that charges users $4.95 a year to announce their family status via a personal Manson email address. On the other hand, is, remarkably enough, still available.

-- G. Beato

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