Jon Katz Live!

Non-stop Christian-baiting. Elaborate face-painting. Strange cemetery rituals involving the grave of Bela Lugosi. And at the center of it all, a cannily charismatic visionary, pandering to the masses with an energy so relentless it seemed impossible that mere adrenaline could fuel it. Without a doubt, it was the most controversial tour in recent memory.

Marilyn Manson?

Hardly. We're talking about Jon Katz, and his Virtuous Reality Extravaganza.

Sucking on throat lozenges, clutching his Dilbert doll, and making so many gratuitous X-Files references Gillian Anderson's probably a little worried about her new admirer, the net's own anti-Christ superstar was spreading the gospel and moving units on a three-week blitzkrieg book tour of any media outlet that would have him. For anyone else, it would have been too much. For Katz, it was simply business as usual: "Even I was getting tired of hearing myself talk about media, culture, and morality...I was repeating myself endlessly, and spacing out in the middle of interviews."

-- G. Beato

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