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Do I have something to say about you-know-what?

Not really. Not anything, anyway, that Dr. Lawrence J. Hatterer, M.D., of the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, couldn't say with more authority and insight. And, luckily, according to a recent press release he issued, he's "available for broadcast and print interviews concerning the current White House crisis."

Want more info on the doctor before you ask him to contribute his two cents to the national conversation?

"Dr. Hatterer, is the author of The Pleasure Addicts and other books, and a noted expert in the field of high risk and addictive behaviors encompassing sex, drugs, alcohol, food, work and gambling; he specializes also in the fields of human sexuality and integrity."

Dr. Hatterer, it seems, is both brilliant and energetic. In addition to "specializing" in several different fields, he's also quick with a quip: "In addition to his 40-year Manhattan-based psychiatric practice he has been cited by and contributed to encyclopedias, professional journals and consumer publications ranging from The New York Times, Time, Newsweek and Life..."

And now, of course, he can add Soundbitten to that illustrious list. (I would be honored if he did.)

So what does he have to say about Clinton's alleged behavior? Give him a call to find out - you can reach him by way of TAT Communications at 212/288-1148.

-- G. Beato

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