Conversations with Porn Stars

Conducted while writing this piece.

GB: So do you ever get bored or lose your concentration during the middle of a scene?

Male porn star: You do have to learn to mental stamina, because not all the chemistries are going to mix. When an actress doesn't like you, then I make it work. I make the chemistry hot, I work with my foot fetish. I have an extreme foot fetish, so as long as the actress has a foot, I'll have an erect dick. The odds of that are pretty good. I don't do any amp movies.


GB: How did you get into the porn business?

Female porn star: I've been interested in this since, like, when I was two. My dad was a film major, and he did a little bit of porn too. And I've seen his work. The first time I saw it was when I was two. And since then I've always wanted to be like Dad, I guess.

-- G. Beato

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